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Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), who are often referred to as speech therapists. Omni Rehab's speech-language pathologists help students maximize their communication skills to support their success in learning.

Our speech-language pathologists keep current with best practices in assessment and intervention. Language is the foundation for learning within all academic subjects. Evaluation are conducted by the NYC DOE and designated agencies like Omni Rehab. The evaluation includes standardized and non-standardized tests, observations, conversations, and information from the family. gathering a full profile of the individual’s communication strengths and challenges. The importance of recognizing the complex interplay between spoken and written language and the need to go beyond listening and speaking to reading and writing. 

Signs of Language Difficulty:

•  Late talker

•  Below classroom level

•  Difficulty learning to read or write

•  ​Unable to express thoughts or ideas

• ​ Miscommunications between peers & teachers directions

•  Socially has a hard time getting along with peers

•  Has a hard time with test taking

Other Deficits May Include:

•  Articulation & Phonology

•  Central Auditory Processing Disorders

•  Expressive Language

•  Fluency

•  Impairment/SCD

•  Literacy Development

•  Phonological Awareness

•  Pragmatic Language

•  Receptive Language

•  Sensory Processing Skills

•  Social-Emotional Communication

•  Swallowing

Need Speech Therapy?

Omni Rehab provides services for children & adults through private insurance.

At Omni Rehab we accept many private insurances for Speech Therapy. Check below to see if we accept yours!

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