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Geriatric Hearing Aid

We offer a full 

45-day trial period

on all hearing aids!

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Audiology Center 

Providing Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids for All Ages

Have you or a loved one been experiencing hearing loss?

Recognizing the Signs of Hearing Loss or Speech Delay in Children and Adults

If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, you may have a hearing loss and and would benefit from a comprehensive hearing test.

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?

Do others suggest that you have a hearing problem?

Do you have difficulty hearing on the telephone?

Do you turn the volume of the TV or radio louder than others?

Have you ever been exposed to loud noises?

Do you hear any noises or persistent ringing in your ears?

Do you spend a lot of time listening to music with headphones on high volume?

Infants, Toddlers and School Age Children:

Does your child have delayed responses to normal conversational speech volume?

Does your pediatrician recommend a hearing test?

Is your child not understanding, speaking, or communicating age appropriately?

Does your child need/ Is your child mandated for a hearing test for the Department of Education?

Comprehensive Care and Services Omni Rehab Provides:

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations for all ages, from infants to geriatrics

  • Video Otoscopy for detailed viewing of the ear canal and hearing aid evaluations & fittings

  • State-of-the-art digital hearing aids including complete insertion in the canal hearing aids

  • Hearing aid accessories, batteries, swim plugs and musician plugs

Omni Rehab supplies hearing aids that are smartphone compatible.

Omni Rehab provides comprehensive hearing evaluations performed by our highly qualified audiologists. All patients are evaluated and assessed as to the nature and degree of their hearing loss and appropriate amplification is recommended where necessary.

In Need of a Hearing Evaluation, Test or Follow-up?

Omni Rehab provides services for children & adults through private insurance

Omni Rehab hearing aid brands we carry:

Oticon Hearing Aid Brand  at Omni Rehab
Phonak Hearing Aid Brand at Omni Rehab
signia Hearing Aid Brand at Omni Rehab
Starkey Hearing Aid Brand at Omni Rehab
ReSound Hearing Aid Brand at Omni Rehab

At Omni Rehab we accept many private insurances for Audiology. Check below to see if we accept yours!

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